Content Framework Matrix

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Most solopreneurs, small business owners and founders could get more leads.

But they don't.

Because of 2 reasons:

  1. Lack of confidence
  2. Lack of time

The result?

They're losing out on conversions.

They're not addressing the real needs of their audience.

This all comes down to being a lousy copywriter. And I get it, so many simply don't have the time or confidence to do it.

That's where the Content Framework Matrix comes in.

How will this help me?

Using the Content Framework Matrix, your writing will improve in 3 areas:

  1. Write with more pace
  2. Write with more confidence
  3. Write with your audience in mind

Never stare at a blank page again.

Simply prep the page with your chosen framework and fill in the gaps.

What can I use this for?

  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Email Newsletters
  • Web Landing Pages

The Content Framework Matrix tells you exactly which framework is suited best for which channel - LinkedIn, Email or Web.

But they are interchangeable, so have fun with it.

Who is this for?

Solopreneurs, small business owners and founders, who want to get more out of their content, but don't have the:

  • Confidence to write good copy
  • Time to waste writing bad copy

Who ISN’T this for?

Anyone who is:

  • Producing quality marketing content quickly and consistently
  • Aware of and currently using writing frameworks to write copy
  • Already generating a steady flow of inbound leads
  • Speaking directly to their ideal customer’s needs

Does it work?

Here’s what people are saying:

These are the same 6 writing frameworks I swear by for my own LinkedIn content, that generated 35 inbound leads in 2 months.

All on one simple page.

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Content Framework Matrix

29 ratings
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